Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pray for Stevie

This is for the daughter of a friend of mine whose daughter's brain tumor relapsed as a higher grade tumor and is having a very hard time now. She posted on craigslist and is asking for prayers for her daughter.

There was an article in today's Contra Costa Times about Stevie, (copied below).

She wants what we all want for our children. Tomorrow, 3:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

- Kathleen

Family seeks positive thoughts for ailing daughter

By Sophia Kazmi


Courtesy of the McMoyler Family
Stevie McMoyler 19, of Dublin, Calif., is fighting her second brain tumor. Despite treatment, it continues to grow. On Saturday, March 17, 2007, at 3:00 pm the McMoyler family is asking for a miracle healing by inviting everyone of any faith to join in prayer, meditation, positive thoughts, and healing visualization or just send thoughts of love.

Stevie McMoyler's parents are not asking for much -- just 10 minutes.

The Dublin couple is asking people they know as well as those they don't to take a 10-minute break Saturday to ask for a miracle.

From 3 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time Saturday, Steve McMoyler and Gina Gabriell are asking the public to think good thoughts for their 19-year-old daughter, who is suffering from a malignant brain tumor. The good thoughts can be prayers, meditation, chanting -- the couple doesn't care what form it takes, they are just asking that people think good thoughts and send her lots of love.

"Everybody wants to help," said Steve McMoyler. "It's just a question of how to do it."

"We don't belong to a church," said Gabriell. "We have lots of friends of different faiths."

She said this is one way everyone can help.

On Wednesday, the family posted a listing on the craigslist website asking the public to take part in their special 10 minutes, and response has been overwhelming. Steve McMoyler received an e-mail from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. They have also heard that Anglican bishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu has been asked to pray for her.

This is Stevie's second brain tumor. She was first diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 13. She won that battle at age 16 after undergoing surgery to remove it.

When she was first diagnosed, and before her surgery, her family held prayer circles at their Dublin home, and they believe that the power of positive thinking helped their daughter beat cancer the first time around.

"It was so lovely, so beautiful," Gabriell said. "It really got us through."

In November, Stevie's doctor at Stanford University discovered a more-aggressive malignant tumor in her brain. The treatment for the new tumor is more radiation and chemotherapy.

She began radiation in January and chemotherapy this week and did not have the strength to be interviewed for this story.

Even with the aggressive treatment, the tumor cells continue to grow.

Stevie is a strong kid, her parents say. During her first bout with cancer, she didn't miss school. She graduated from Venture High School in San Ramon with honors and was planning on applying to Cornell University to attend its food science program. A vegan, she eats healthfully and loves to cook.

Stevie's family and friends say they are scared for her. She says she doesn't want to die; she has big plans for her future. After college, she hopes to open a vegan restaurant in Dublin. Gabriell said her daughter told her: "Dublin needs a vegan cafe."

A self-described nerd, Stevie also wants to be a world champion Scrabble player.

Gabriell said Stevie and the family don't have the strength to have a prayer circle in their home right now, so the "10-minute miracle" idea was born.

The date and time have no real significance. The time just seemed right to Gabriell, who is asking people to think about Stevie in a positive way for only 10 minutes.

Many people will be taking part Saturday. In the first 25 minutes after the request was posted on Craigslist, the family received 100 e-mails of support.

"It just makes you feel good about humans again," Steve McMoyler said.

Sophia Kazmi covers Dublin. Reach her at 925-847-2122 or

From craigslist:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-03-14, 10:04AM PDT

Our daughter Stevie is 19 and is fighting her second braintumor. To spite treatment it continues to grow. We are asking all our friends, family, neighbors, and community to help us.

March 17, 2007 at 3:00 Pacific Daylight Time we are asking everyone of everyfaith, non-faith, or any belief or non-belief to join us in Prayer, meditation, positive thought, healing visualization, or just send love, lots of love.

We are asking for a miracle, and we believe that we can get it with the power of love from everyone. My daughter does not want to die, she has so much to do and we love her so much.

We ask that she be healed, that these tiny cells that try so hard to harm her leave her body, dissapear, dissovle, disintegrate. We ask that her healthy cells stay healthy and protected.

We ask that she be given the time to do all the things in this life she most wants to do; have a first kiss, a first date, finish college, open a vegetarian cafe, be a world champion scrabble player.

She is a wonderful person, wise, funny, nerdy, sweet, loving and giving.

Please join us March 17 (this saturday) from 3:00 to 3:10 in deep healing thought, prayer and meditation. Just sit quietly were ever you are for these ten minutes.

If you live in Dublin and would like to join us at a later date for a healing circle in our home please feel free to email me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, My thoughts and prayers will be with Stevie. I missed the 10 minutes prayer for a miracle on March 17 because I just saw it now but I will be praying and checking in to see how she is doing. Keep fighting Stevie, from Carolyn Lilly

March 20, 2007 6:30 PM  

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