Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rayley Rose

Our little friend Rayley, the baby we met at St. Jude in Memphis when we were there last February when we were there for Steven's last followup visit, got some bad news last Monday.

Rayley was diagnosed with a really terrible sort of brain tumor last August when she was 3 months old.

Despite such a terrible prognosis, she has been doing really well to the amazement of her doctors. The goal was to get her to her first birthday (coming next month) and attempt surgery to remove her tumor, they were also going to ship her out to Houston to do a type of radiation that they currently don't have at St. Jude that does less harm to the brain and is a better choice for a baby.

She had an MRI last week that showed she has two new tumors and she has now been ruled terminal. It seems like a cruel joke, as to see her you couldn't tell that anything is the matter with her, she's crawling and cutting teeth and reaching all those baby milestones.

Going to Houston has been called off and with the new tumors they feel surgery is too risky. They will proceed with radiation at St. Jude most likely hoping to buy her some time.

When we left Memphis in February we left hoping that she'd be there in August when we went back for followup and we are still praying for that.

Rayley's mother Lisa writes:

I have a request for our family. I would like prayers to be lifted to the Heavens from each and every state in this great country.

Many of you have mentioned that prayers are coming from all over the place. I would love for you to post a message on Rayley's site or send me a personal email (lisalkocurek at sbcglobal dot net) with the states that know and pray for Rayley.

50 states and a few other countries must make a difference, right? And tallying the states will give me something tangible to do to feel like I am doing something.

Silly, maybe. But it is all I have.

Expecting THE miracle,

I am not so comfortable with expecting...
Do I have any right to expect something from God? I don't think that any scripture tells us to expect anything from Him.
Input on this would be greatly appreciated...

- Kathleen

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Anonymous Cynthia Dunn said...

Dear Rayley and Family,
Alaska is the biggest state in America. On behalf of all of us we send this prayer to you.
Dear Father, God, Jesus our Holy Creator, we praise you for bringing us the gift of life in this day. It is Your Greatness that lives within us all. Your ability to heal our Rayley, our precious inspiration, that You have blessed us in Your Plan for our lives. We ask thee Lord for the healing of Rayley through the hands of those able to touch her, through the songs she is able to hear, through the eyes of her loving family and through the hearts of all whom she has already been placed in. Through Your strength we have faith, through Your wisdom we have hope, through Your eternal love we show everlasting gratitude. We pray in Your name, our Father, our Sweet Jesus, our Holy Creator, AMEN

May 04, 2007 11:08 AM  

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