Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spray 'N Wash

Sean's been keeping me entertained lately.

He's got this thing about wearing shorts all year (it has been cold here this year) and I usually have to force him to even consider long pants.

And not just any old shorts. Sean favors tan colored microfiber shorts. It's like pulling teeth to get him to wear some of his other clothing choices, like the dark blue or gray microfiber shorts, or even worse, the blue denim shorts.

These tan shorts are light-colored, which is not well suited to his daily rolling-around-on-the-ground outside routine, by the end of the day they are filthy.

This morning I make breakfast and Sean, usually the first one downstairs, is nowhere to be found.

I sent Doug up to find him and he discovers that Sean has decided to clean his favorite pair of tan shorts before school. He does this by saturating them front and back with most of a bottle of Spray 'N Wash, and when Doug finds him he's in my bathroom using my hairdryer to blow-dry his Spray 'N Wash-saturated shorts.

The Spray 'N Wash rearranged the dirt. Where before they were uniformly filthy, after the Spray 'N Wash they had clean streaks demarcated by dark black wavy lines of dirt, baked on with a blow dryer.

I tried reasoning with him, but in the end it was only the threat of dire consequences that convinced him to change into his olive green shorts for school. Steven, who usually finds me too picky about such things, agreed wholeheartedly that Sean shouldn't be seen wearing the shorts he'd "cleaned" in public.

I tried to point out the name of the product, Spray 'N Wash, implied there was a washing (or at least a rinsing) step involved.

Sean was merely disgusted that you couldn't just spray it on and dry the clothes with a hairdryer.

He's a work in progress, but I think we'll still keep him.

- Kathleen


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