Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cautiously Complacent

KSON raised $402,125 in two days for St. Jude, great people helping out a great cause.

We'll be watching the Superbowl tomorrow night at Grizzlies House in Memphis.

It's that time again. I keep feeling like I should be an old pro at this, but I've been engaging in my usual denial tactics about the trip.

The very nice lady in the St. Jude travel office told me in her nicest southern accent, "Now Mrs. Bell, San Diego is a busy airport we really do like it when you give us just a little a bit of notice when you're fixin' to come back and see us here.

Both boys have been preparing for the San Diego regional Science Olympiad, which was held all day today. This has been one of our most exhausting weeks ever.

So I've put off thinking about this trip for as long as I can and now that it's 11 pm, it's time to actually do laundry pack our bags for our 9:30 am flight.

Steven's been doing so well. So well we've become cautiously complacent in our belief that he will live to see another day, but sitting in that room and watching them pad the sides of his head and screw the mask on his face and then slide him into that tube with the loud noises is always a stark wakeup call.

I guess we are all powerless when it gets right down to it.

MRI scans and various other appointments on Monday, scan results on Tuesday.

If you're so inclined, remember us in your prayers this week.

- Kathleen


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