Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Celebrating Regina: The Path Of Least Regrets

Steven and Regina and our dog Buddy

Our friend Regina is home from the hospital after her brain surgery. She looks great.

We brought Buddy, our puppy, who liked going down the slides.

Her family and friends put on a party for her Sunday. It couldn't have been a nicer day.

Regina took Buddy down the slide

We brought Buddy with us. We found out he loves slides. He was very friendly to all the little kids that crowded around and petted him.

Sean waiting for his balloon sword

There were clowns and balloon animals. People brought healthy food and snacks to eat.

Everyone signed Regina's poster

Regina's mom Diana gave a talk a few months ago on behalf of St. Jude to a convention of Gymboree employees. Somehow the Gymboree people heard about Regina's relapse and Gymboree stores in Scotland and England sent 200 pink and white balloons to her party.

Regina's younger brother Gabriel turned 6 on June 22nd. Regina had brain surgery that day, so his party was cancelled.

Regina's mom Diana

We sang Happy Birthday to Gabriel. Balloons were distributed.

Regina's mom Diana spoke, and we released the balloons, which represented our prayers and positive thoughts for Regina. Watching those pink and white balloons soar into the clear blue sky was a magical moment.

After much deliberation, Regina's parents have decided to have her start high dose chemotherapy at Children's Hospital Los Angeles as soon as Regina's neurosurgeon gives the go-ahead. First her incision must heal, it will probably be next week that she starts. This will be a custom treatment protocol designed just for Regina.

If the chemotherapy shrinks the tumors (and this is very much not a given), they may be able to either do another surgery or use radiosurgery to further remove the mass of tumors in her brain.

They made a difficult decision that isn't supported by some of their doctors, and there are no guarantees of any sort of success.

They need prayers and positive thoughts and all the support that their friends can give them.

Regina and her dad, Nick

There is no right or wrong answer. Sometimes the best we can do is to choose the path of least regrets.

Godspeed, Regina. You go.

- Kathleen


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