Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Friend Regina

Steven and Regina in Memphis, November 2004

Regina is the little girl that lives near us in California that we met the week we got back from Memphis at the end of Steven's treatment in 2004. She has the same kind of tumor as Steven and a friend of mine put me in contact with her family to offer support.

Regina did the same exact same treatment at St. Jude that Steven did, same doctor, same everything. She was four when she was diagnosed in May 2004, she celebrated her fifth birthday in the hospital as she was starting chemo. She finished treatment in January 2005, and like Steven, she's done very well since.

Regina celebrated her sixth birthday at Chili's for their St. Jude fundraiser

Her last visit to St. Jude was in January, her scans were clean and she "graduated" to six-month followup visits just like Steven. She finished first grade the same week that Steven graduated.

Last Thursday after a bout of vomiting, her mother took her to the emergency room and they did a CT scan which revealed massive swelling in her brain. She had surgery on Friday where they removed the largest of what seems to be in excess of thirty tumors.

Regina and Sleeping Beauty

Regina is in the hospital right now recovering from her surgery. I went to visit her yesterday.

Sleeping Beauty paid Regina a visit at the hospital while I was there, I guess even the Disney princesses heard she might need some cheering up.

Nick, Gabriel, Diana and Regina with Sleeping Beauty

Barring a miracle, there is nothing to do at this point except to make her comfortable..

Regina's family are good friends. We are broken over this.

Nobody saw this coming.

- Kathleen

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