Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not Quite Tiger Woods (Yet)...

I fish much better than I golf. Which isn't saying much, as those who have fished with me can attest.

Doug took up golf shortly before Steven was born and, in search of a golf partner, he gave me golf clubs for my birthday, two months after Sean was born. It was a lovely gift but I never figured out where I was going to park my toddler and my nursing newborn while I headed out to the links to learn the game.

When the kids were old enough, Doug taught them how to golf. When we returned from Memphis last year, we signed Steven and Sean up for San Diego Junior Golf. In the first three weeks since school let out, the kids played in seven tournaments.

Sean plays with 8-under boys, Steven plays with the 9-10. Both of them have done really well, but it is much more difficult to win trophies in the 9-10 than in the 8-under divisions, and Steven got into the game late, last year when he started the season he was still bald from chemo.

Sean and some of the other 7-8 San Diego golfers marching in for the Junior World opening ceremonies

Sean did well enough this year to qualify to play in the Junior World Golf Tournament, which attracts kids from all over the world and which is played every year in San Diego. He even scored a hole-in-one in one of the qualifying tournaments.

Sean and the other 7-8 year olds holding the flag

Sean played Tuesday and Wednesday in baking heat and humidity at Singing Hills, after two rounds they took the top 20 golfers (out of 86 golfers) to play on Thursday.

Steven taking a break from the heat at the tournament

I think the pressure really got to Sean, on Tuesday he had a terrible day and got his worst score ever on that course, by 10 strokes, making it a virtual impossibility for him to make the cut. On Wednesday the pressure was off, he enjoyed himself and played much better.

He got to play with boys from the Phillipines, Mexico, and Hawaii.

In 1984 at the Junior World Tournament, Tiger Woods won the 9-10 age group, Ernie Ells won the 13-14, and David Toms won the 15-17. Maybe Sean will do better next year.

Or maybe not. Either way, it's alright with us.

- Kathleen

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