Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy To Be Home

A thousand days at home are a pleasure;
an hour away from home is a trial.
- Chinese Proverb

We flew in Thursday afternoon, to the most beautiful weather imaginable, one of those days that makes the expense of living in Southern California seem like it's all worth it.

The Santana winds rocked the plane back and forth as we landed, but the warm temperatures and bright sunshine caressed us as we stepped off the plane.

The MRI images below, taken from the top of his head looking down, with his nose pointing up, show his head moving from side to side (the ghostly images to the left and right of the main image).

It has never happened before that Steven moved his head, not even on the eve of his surgery when he was subjected to over 2 hours of MRI's of his brain and spine as they constructed a 3-D model of his head to guide the surgeon. That night he was so uncomfortable due to a splitting headache and nausea, still he was able to remain motionless for the MRI.

They told us that if it happens again that he moves, they will have to sedate him for future MRI's. But I was there at his feet the entire time and I could see his head, he fell asleep and like always, there were small twitches, but I can't figure out what was different this time, he's never required sedation so far.

We dropped by the KSON radiothon yesterday after turning on the radio and hearing the voices of some of our dear St. Jude friends speak about their children. They raised $602,775 dollars for St. Jude on Thursday and Friday of this week, we are so thankful that there are people out there who are willing to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Speaking of fundraising, last week I heard of a website where a wonderful compassionate woman named Catherine would donate $1 to a charitable cause for every comment made on her website. I commented and made a plug for St. Jude, so this woman that we never heard of before last week is donating $200 to St. Jude in Steven's name. More proof that angels really do exist.

Steven had an appointment at the Hair Club for Kids, who will treat children under the age of 18 for free. They measured his bald spot and will make him a hairpiece that is supposed to be undetectable, it should be ready in four weeks.

The services that Steven is getting typically cost something like $400-$600 per month for adults, the Hair Club is providing a wonderful service by making this available to children that suffer from hair loss.

Thank God for all the angels out there.

- Kathleen

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Blogger Virgin Writer said...

What a beautyful boy you have been blessed with. My heart goes out to you, I am so lucky to have been blessed with 3 children, I will be sure to include you, your son and your family in our prayers.
God bless you.

February 06, 2005 1:24 AM  

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