Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Cycle 4, Day +18: Pajamarama and Sleepover

Sean's first-grade buddy Joey invited him to go with him on Friday night to his church for a pajama party with stories read out loud to the kids and refreshments.

I said OK if Steven could go too, after being in the hospital, Steven was craving some fun time with his friends, which mostly means Sean these days. Steven's blood counts were good, his ANC was 5400 on Thursday, so they stopped the GCSF injections and OK'ed the fun and close contact with so many kids.

I drove Sean, Steven, Joey, and Joey's middle brother Casey to the Pajamarama, Joey's oldest brother stayed home. Sean commented to Joey in the car on the way over how lucky Joey was to have two brothers where neither of them had cancer and had to be away in the hospital much of the time. He told them how he didn't have anyone to play with when Steven was staying in the hospital, and how his mom had to spend most of her free time with Steven.

The night of the Pajamarama just happened to coincide with Joey's older brother's birthday, so Joey's house was filled with 13 eleven-year olds spending the night.

After the Pajamarama, Joey's mom invited Sean to spend the night with Joey and the older boys. I said OK if Sean wanted to and if Steven said it was alright. Sean wanted to, and Steven said it would be OK with him if Sean stayed away that night.

When we went to Joey's house to drop Sean off, Steven wanted to go in for a bit. All the boys were watching the movie "Small Soldiers", so Steven hung out with Sean, Joey, and the rest of the boys.

At 11:00 pm the movie was over, a storm was brewing, a tornado watch was issued, and I insisted that Steven come home with me right away. He was due for his IV antibiotics, which I have to give him every 8 hours.

He didn't want to leave. On the way home (in the terrifying storm, a story for another day), he said, "I wish I could stay. I probably won't be able to have any sleepovers at all while we're in Memphis, will I?"

"No, sweetie. You pretty much have to stay with me or someone that knows how to give you your antibiotics, there's really no choice, when the antibiotics are done, it'll be time to go home."

Small things. Normal things. Exploring a sewer pipe, playing hockey with an old beer can. Going to school. Doing homework. Playing golf. Fighting with your brother. Figuring out what you want to do when you grow up.

That's all I want for him, for both of them, for all their friends and all the sweet little kids here at St. Jude.

... Thy will be done.

- Kathleen

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