Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Cycle 3, Day -2: Confused and Sad...

More cyclophosphamide today, + mesna for his bladder. More vomiting and terrible diarrhea.

His usual antinausea meds, zofran and ativan, then benadryl, which knocks him out. He slept three hours in the middle of the day, then woke up not knowing where he was, what day it was, how many days he'd been in the hospital, who had stayed with him last night, and if his dad and brother had come to visit yet.

His teacher had popped in to see him, but he was stuck in the bathroom, so she left him a note. He read it before his nap, then woke crying after, thinking she hadn't come to see him.

Dr. Mark, the behavioral medicine doctor that helped him with his lumbar puncture came by also, but we couldn't wake him. He cried about missing Dr. Mark when he woke, then asked to see the web page I made for his Optimist Club award last year.

He read over that for a bit, then decided to write an email to his second grade teacher. He got 3 sentences into that, then dissolved into tears again and said he wanted to go home.

The doctor says the confusion might be related to the ativan, but it hasn't affected him that way before. We're just going to wait until he feels better, then start ramping down the meds-- we expect him to be feeling better soon.

He again perked up in the evening when Doug and Sean showed up to give me my daily break from hospital living. They played monopoly until after midnight and Steven was in great spirits even though Sean won.

Tomorrow, no nasty drugs, so we're hoping and praying for a happier day.

- Kathleen

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