Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam
Steven and Sean on the Polar Bear Cam

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Cycle 3, Day +17: Reptile Cuisine and Golf

Doug's parents and sister are visiting us until Wednesday. We've taken the opportunity of their visit, Steven's counts being up, and the warm weather to spend some time outside.

On Friday, Doug and his dad took Steven and Sean golfing, Steven's first opportunity to golf in two months.

Saturday we went to the zoo with the hope of seeing the 21-foot python being fed. When we got there, the python was in the midst of shedding its skin and the keeper told us the snake won't eat until the shedding is done. In lieu of feeding the python, he said he would feed their three most venomous snakes, the gaboon viper, the king cobra, and the Eastern diamondback rattler.

The gaboon viper ate a mouse.

The king cobra ate two mice.

The rattlesnake ate a rabbit.

The mice and the rabbit had been previously euthanized with gas, frozen, then thawed and warmed before feeding them to the snakes.

In Memphis, people refer to miniature golf as putt-putt. We went to a place called Putt-Putt, the Memphis equivalent of Boomer's, except that in addition to bumper boats, go-karts, rides, batting cages, and miniature golf (putt-putt), they also have a driving range.

Steven braved the 80-degree heat with his mask and did well.


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